Purge & Flushing

Introducing: Purge Pro "Max" Flushing

Purge Pro Max Geothermal Flushing for System Optimization!The Purge Pro Max is a commercial flushing and purging system custom designed for geothermal applications. “Max” provides Geothermal Eco Options the capabilities to flush and filter debris from the system, purge trapped air bubbles, reverse flow, hydrostatically pressure test, and flow test -all from one convenient unit. The trailer mounted, all-in-one design makes “Max” the most produc-tive and convenient commercial purging system available.

The Purge Pro Max circulates system solution from an onboard storage tank, through the geother-mal piping system to remove debris and air. Once back in the tank, the water is filtered, and en-trained air is released to the atmosphere. A float valve on the fill port maintains the proper water level in tank if make-up is required. Hoses easily connect to interior headers or existing distribution vaults.

A qualified professional will provide consultation and on-site services. GEO will tailor our process-es to meet our customers needs. First a sample of the solution from the system is submitted for analysis. Results of the analysis will determine what further actions are needed.

A Typical Process Includes:

  • On Site system evaluation and assessment.
  • 100 to 50 micron filtration with multi-directional flushing.
  • Collect debris for inspection by owner.
  • Final fill, including additives, if needed.


  • Inhibitor
  • Freeze Point
  • Reverse Alkalinity
  • P.H. Level
Purge Pro "Max" Flushing Machine
Purge Pro "Max" Flushing Machine2